Wholesale Catalog

You are viewing our grow-to-order catalog for wholesale.
To order online for home use, visit our Order at Home store.

To order for your restaurant or bar, Contact Sales or call 347-204-7094

How to Order

  • We work primarily with restaurants and bars to provide grow-to-order product on standing weekly orders.
  • We also welcome one-time orders from private chefs, caterers, and home cooks.

  • Setting up an Account

  • If you are a business looking to set up standing orders, establish a Net 30 credit account with us by completing our trade credit application form here. We cannot accept credit without adherence to our Net30 terms, no exceptions. Terms:
  • Invoices are to be paid within 30 days of receipt or are considered past due. Customers with invoices 20 or more days past due are subject to a hold on deliveries until payment is received.
  • We will provide warnings by email if you fail to pay. We are small, so be nice :)

  • Hygiene, Safety & Storage

  • Our plants are grown in a bio-secure environment to reduce the risk of pathogens and eliminate the need for all pesticides.
  • Each individual order item undergoes a quality assurance check whereby a manager approves the quality of your product.
  • For the highest quality, all produce should be stored according to instructions on the package.
  • Farm.One growing process uses custom software that tracks and traces each product from seed to delivery.
  • All production inputs are tracked using Silo, a software that helps us manage and trace our inventory.